Open Source iOS & Android App for Conferences and Events



    Start filling in content for your conference from page Settings. Main parameters here are timezone and twitter search query. The latest tweets, found by specified twitter query will appear on Social Media screen in mobile applications.


    On page Users admin can manage CMS users. Available user roles: Administrator & Editor.


    Events section - on this page you can manage all events of your conference, which will be displayed in mobile application on screens Sessions, BoFs and Social Events.

    Each event has such parameters as Name, Start at, End at, Speakers, etc. Before specifying list of speakers for particular event, create them on page Speakers first. Url - applications will use this parameter for sharing to social networks.

    Levels, Types and Tracks, available for event could be specified in section Event partials:


    Manage speakers of your conference on this page. When speakers are created, you can select them on Edit Session/BOF/Social Event page in Speakers auto complete field.


    On page Location you can manage your conference Name, Address and location coordinates. All this information will appear on screen Location in mobile apps.


    All pages, created here will appear in section Info of the application.