Open Source iOS & Android App for Conferences and Events

    Story & people behind Connfa


    First of all, THANK YOU for your interest in the Connfa application!

    For those of you, who have never used this app before, we need to tell you that Connfa is the result of 4 application releases specially made by Lemberg’s team for the official global Drupal conference, better known as DrupalCon.

    Having been involved in both Drupal and mobile apps development (since Android first release) and inspired by the Drupal Community initiative, it seemed natural for us to develop an event app to serve DrupalCon attendees. So we did. The first app in both iOS and Android versions was originally presented for over 2.000 visitors of DrupalCon Amsterdam in September 2014.

    We have been updating the application since then using the feedbacks for DrupalCon Bogota, DrupalCon Los Angeles, DrupalCon Barcelona and Harvesting Clean Energy events. After two years and hundreds of brainstorming, design and development hours, we here, at Lemberg, are happy to announce that Connfa, iOS & Android application for conferences & events, is now open sourced! The application shows event schedule, information about speakers, location. It is created to be simple to use and work in offline mode. On the other hand, Connfa application lets developers easily adapt UI to fall in with event official branding and supports all basic conference terms to be applied to the majority of cases.

    We are planning to update Connfa, so stay tuned!

    A huge thank to all of you who sent feedbacks, ideas and supported us in any way!

    Yours truly,
    Lemberg Solutions Team