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    API / getFloorPlans

    Method returns list of floor plans

    Title get Floor Plans
    Url BASE_URL + / + getFloorPlans
    Method GET
    Params NO
    Error Response HTML error response

    Success Response

    list of Floor Plans objects.

    A JSON is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    floorPlanId integer A unique and immutable ID of a floor plan
    floorPlanName string Title of floor plan
    floorPlanImageURL URL floor plan image link
    order real  
    deleted BOOL true - object should be deleted on mobile device

    Response Sample

        "floorPlans": [
                "floorPlanId": 1,
                "floorPlanName": "Los Angeles Convention Center",
                "floorPlanImageURL": "",
                "order": null,
                "deleted": false