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    API / getInfo

    Method returns static pages and titles for App

    Title get Info
    Url BASE_URL + / + getInfo
    Method GET
    Params NO
    Error Response HTML error response

    Success Response

    Static pages objects.

    A JSON title is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    titleMajor string  
    titleMinor string  

    A JSON info is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    infoId integer A unique and immutable ID of a poi
    infoTitle string Title
    html string  
    order real  
    deleted BOOL true - object should be deleted on mobile device

    Response Sample

      "title": {
        "titleMajor": "2015 Latin America",
        "titleMinor": "Bogotá, Colombia"
      "info": [
          "infoId": 1,
          "infoTitle": "About",
          "html": "<div class=\"node__content\">\n<div class=\"field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden\">\n<div class=\"field__items\">\n<div class=\"field__item even\">    \n\t

    DrupalCon is the heartbeat of the Drupal community. It’s an expression of our software innovation, our commitment to collaboration, and our extreme nerdiness.


    This event, held annually in Europe and North America brings together thousands of people from across the globe to drain a city of all its coffee and fill a venue with energy, companionship and code unmatched by any other tech community.


    Part FOSDEM, part The Next Web, and part hack-a-thon, DrupalCon is an integral element of the Drupal experience. Developers, site builders, UX/designers, project managers, business owners, CMS evaluators, job seekers and employers will be pouring into the halls of the RAI in Amsterdam.


    Together we will unite in celebration of the Drupal 8 release and work together to gain new skills and new friends as we advance the Project.


    DrupalCon Amsterdam will be held 29 September - 3 October 2014 in the <a href=\"/travel#venue\">RAI.


    The Official Twitter account - <a href=\"\">@drupalconEUR


    This DrupalCon Amsterdam application is brought to you by <a href=\"\">Lemberg

    \n\n\n \n ", "order": null, "deleted": false } ] }