Open Source iOS & Android App for Conferences and Events

    API / getSettings

    Method returns list of settings

    Title get Settings
    Url BASE_URL + / + getSettings
    Method GET
    Params NO
    Error Response HTML error response

    Success Response

    Settings object.

    A JSON is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    titleMajor string Major title of APP
    titleMinor string Minor title of APP
    twitterWidget string HTML and javascript for twitter widget
    timezone string Event timezone

    Response Sample

      "settings": {
        "titleMajor": "Barcelona",
        "titleMinor": "Drupalcon 2015",
        "twitterWidget": "<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html lang=\"en\">\n\n<meta charset=\"UTF-8\">\nDocument\n\n\n<a class=\"twitter-timeline\" href=\"\" data-widget-id=\"545145564770615297\">#drupalcon Tweets\n\n\n",
        "timezone": "Europe/Kiev"