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    API / getSocialEvents

    Method returns list of all social events

    Title get Social Events
    Url BASE_URL + / + getSocialEvents
    Method GET
    Params NO
    Error Response HTML error response

    Success Response

    Array of day schedule objects.

        "days": [
                "date": "11-05-2015",
                "events": [
                    {"eventId": 1, ...},
                    {"eventId": 2, ...},
                    {"eventId": 3, ...},
                    {"eventId": 4, ...},
                "date": "12-05-2015",
                "events": [
                    {"eventId": 5, ...},
                    {"eventId": 6, ...},
                    {"eventId": 7, ...},
                    {"eventId": 8, ...},

    A JSON event is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    eventId integer A unique and immutable ID of a speaker
    from string DateTime::ISO8601
    to string DateTime::ISO8601
    name string Name of the even
    place string Place where the event will be held
    description string A brief description regarding the event
    track integer track id
    experienceLevel integer Identifies advisable experience level of event attendants
    speakers Array Array of speaker IDs that will held the event
    order real Order in what event need to be sorted
    link string URL off event on website
    deleted BOOL true - object should be deleted on mobile device

    Response Sample

      "days": [
          "date": "12-05-2015",
          "events": [
              "eventId": 273,
              "text": "

    Recently a big discussion was started in the core issue queue about mandating Composer for module downloads: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">


    This BoF is a chance to go over the points raised in that issue, making us understand how contrib is changing its best practises, and what the future might hold for Drupal core in this regard.

    ", "name": "Composer and Drupal 8", "place": "410 - The Cherry Hill Company", "version": "", "experienceLevel": 0, "type": 1, "from": "2015-05-11T09:00:00+0300", "to": "2015-05-11T17:00:00+0300", "speakers": [ 103 ], "track": null, "order": 1, "link": "", "deleted": false } ] } ] }