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    API / getSpeakers

    Method returns list of all speakers that attend the conference

    Title get Speakers
    Url BASE_URL + / + getSpeakers
    Method GET
    Params NO
    Error Response HTML error response

    Success Response

    Array of speaker objects.

        "speakers": [
            {"speakerId": 1,...},
            {"speakerId": 2,...},
            {"speakerId": 3,...}

    A JSON speaker is an object structured in the following way:

    Property Type Description
    speakerId integer A unique and immutable ID of a speaker
    firstName string A first name of the speaker
    lastName string A last name of the speaker
    avatarImageURL URL A Url of avatar image of the speaker
    organizationName string Name of organization the speaker belongs to
    jobTitle string Job title of the speaker
    characteristic string A brief description or story about the speaker
    twitterName string The name of speakers twitter account
    webSite URL A Url to speaker’s related web site
    order real used for sorting
    deleted BOOL true - object should be deleted on mobile device

    Response Sample

        "speakers": [
                "speakerId": 1,
                "firstName": "Howard",
                "lastName": "Tyson",
                "characteristic": "Howard Tyson has been working with Drupal since 2006 and has been utilizing devops tools and methodologies since before it was a thing. He maintains the hosting infrastructure for a large range of clients and builds development and automation for his company. He has consulted on infrastructure design, monitoring, and maintenance for large and small companies and has contributed to the infrastructure.",
                "jobTitle": "VP of Engineering",
                "organizationName": "Zivtech",
                "twitterName": "",
                "webSite": "",
                "avatarImageURL": "",
                "order": 3,
                "deleted": false