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    How to install connfa integration server

    • Clone repo git clone
    • Run composer install to download all dependencies
    • Copy and rename .env.example file to .env and configure domains and database connections. Make sure that .env contains configuration for API:
    • Run php artisan migrate to create database structure.
    • If you want to seed fake data into your database run php artisan db:seed
    • To seed admin user you can run php artisan db:seed --class=UsersTableSeeder
    • While database seeding, admin with name: admin and email: will be created. To change admin password run: php artisan password:change --name=admin --password=YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE Then you can login to CMS using new password and manage accounts.
    • If you want to generate API documentation run ./vendor/bin/swagger app/ -o public/api/docs/swagger.json Documentation url: {domain}/api/docs